How to Fight Back from the Fred Update

The Fred update was rolled out in March of this year. It was random, and it left some sites with a 90% drop in traffic! Google is never overly upfront about their updates and the websites they target, and Fred is no exception. While Google hasn’t officially confirmed the Fred update, research from multiple sources Read more about How to Fight Back from the Fred Update[…]

How to Help Customers Find Your Business Online

Do you have a hard time getting people to your website? Does your audience even realize that you have an online website, let alone know you exist? With so many ways to connect with customers both online and offline, it’s possible that you aren’t utilizing the right channels. Let’s take a look at the easiest Read more about How to Help Customers Find Your Business Online[…]

Why Blogging Makes a Difference for SEO

Here at Yovia Social, we are all about being social! We love creating content, sharing blogs and having discussions about trending tops. As you are probably aware, content offers plenty of benefits on the brand side of things. It helps build relationships, instill trust in readers and keep the brand at the forefront of people’s Read more about Why Blogging Makes a Difference for SEO[…]

Write Headlines That Wow

Writing headlines is tough business. There are instances when it seems as if more time is spent on the headline than the content itself! Even though headlines may not look like much, they are arguably the most important part of your content. Without an enticing, eye-grabbing, emotion-jerking headline, your content may get skipped over. But Read more about Write Headlines That Wow[…]