Instagram Stories vs Snapchat: What’s the Difference?

Instagram Stories is a new feature that was recently rolled out by Instagram. In a nutshell, you can share moments (pictures and videos) from your day in a 10-second slideshow format. By sharing this “story,” you don’t have to worry about overposting and annoying your followers. Rather, you can share as much as you want in a cool and fun way.

What’s the Appeal to Instagram Stories?

Aside from the fact that Instagram Stories grants you the option to post a lot of pics and videos in a 10-second slideshow, it also leaves plenty of room for originality.

Text and drawing tools are available, so you have the creative freedom to bring your stories to life. Want lasers shooting out of your cat’s eyes? No problem. Prefer to draw cute hearts around a photo of you and your friends? That can be done, too.

There are a few more features to Instagram Stories that are worth knowing about. For one, the photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or feed.

Second, when logging into your account, new Stories will have a colorful ring around them so that you won’t miss posts from your best friends or favorite accounts. Lastly, there are no public comments that can be added. If someone wishes to respond, they can send a direct message.

As neat as this all sounds, people can’t help but notice that Instagram Stories looks and feels a lot like Snapchat. Have you noticed, too?

Where Snapchat Lacks, Instagram Prevails

Snapchat is known for its “snooze or lose” platform. In other words, if you miss it, you don’t get to see it.

The social network has been hugely successful with the Millennials. Other social networks could only hope for this type of engagement, and Facebook even tried to buy Snapchat a handful of years ago. Snapchat rejected the $3 billion offer.

Where Snapchat has struggled, however, is expanding the demographic and also presenting marketers with an affordable and practical advertising platform. Even though the Millennials are checking into Snapchat each day, brands must put their hard-earned dollars into the channels that are most lucrative, as well as the places where they are most likely to find their audience. They aren’t going to advertise on Snapchat just because that’s where the hype is.

This is why Instagram Stories might be much bigger than people realize.

More Brands Trust Instagram

Many brands have entertained the idea of advertising on Snapchat but haven’t gone ahead with it. Now, however, Instagram Stories has launched, and it gives B2Bs what they’re looking for: the appeal of a time-sensitive slideshow on a predictable platform.

As a matter of fact, many brands have already invested time and money into building relationships on Instagram, so it make sense to create Stories here rather than trying to start over on Snapchat. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that Facebook owns Instagram and has integrated advertising platforms that are also attractive to marketers.


So will Instagram Stories be more popular than Snapchat? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out Instagram Stories, particularly if you already have a loyal fan base on the channel. As video becomes the preferred way for people to absorb information, it’s important to be comfortable marketing your product in this format, on the right channel.